Repsol say that their goal of reaching 1,000 public recharging points by the end of 2022, one every 50 kilometres in the Iberian Peninsula is a further step forward on the company’s path toward carbon neutrality by 2050.

The project, financed by the ICO (the Spanish Official Credit Institute), is aimed at implementing fast and ultra-fast chargers across the network of service stations that the multi-energy company has in Spain and Portugal.

All Repsol’s electric recharging points are guaranteed to provide 100% renewable energy.

Currently, Repsol’s public recharging network is one of the most important infrastructures of this type in Spain and Portugal. With more than 350 points, including 70 fast charging points, most of which are located at service stations, the multi-energy company is the leader in fast charging at service stations in the Iberian Peninsula.


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