Quote: ‘The intention is football becomes for the boys and girls a socialising element and an initiation to the collective game with rules. Values ​​of respect and sportsmanship will be present in every match’ – FFCV

THE Valencian Community Soccer Federation has launched for the first time the new soccer cinfant category ‘Escola de Gegants’.

In response to popular demand, with over 3,200 boys and girls aged 4-5 playing football, the FFCV has launched ‘Escola de Gegants‘.

“The objective is that they have a category that allows them to start playing the game with rules.

“Following the agreement reached by the Board on October 22, this category will be 100% subsidised by the FFCV.

“The FFCV will assume the expenses of the licenses and the mutuality of the participating players.

“The FFCV launches this new category for three months of preparation, consultation and study on the convenience and adaptation of the regulation to the characteristics of the age and development of children.

“The intention is that football becomes for these boys and girls a socialising element and an introduction to the game with rules.

“The values ​​of respect and sportsmanship will be present in every match played.

“In addition, another of the intentions is to positively promote the figure of the referee from the base,” said a statement from FFCV.

The start of the competition is scheduled for the weekend of November 14.

Boys and girls aged between 4 and 5 years old, born in 2016 and 2017, will be able to participate.

The matches will take place in the 8 football modality, with a size 3 Rasán official ball.

Rules of the game will be detailed in a forthcoming circular with the aim that the matches have a formative and non-competitive nature.

“The priority will be the promotion of sporting values – ​​such as respect and recognition of other participants,” said a FFCV spokesperson.