ELCHE Local Police are visiting daily markets and greengrocers in an attempt to trace the sale of stolen fruit and vegetables, mainly mollar pomegranate.

Police are actively asking business owners for official documentation and invoices of purchases to certify legal transactions.

Products stolen at the Camp d’Elx has lead to a police campaign after complaints filed of mollar pomegranate crops, in some instances of 1,500 kilos, 70 % of a plantation crop, in some cases.

The intervention of the Local Police will coincide with the mollar grenade collection season, in which the Camp d’Elx producers hope to collect up to 50,000 kilos.

The Establishments and Activities Unit (UEAC) have visited greengrocers around Reina Victoria Street, with police asking vendors to produce them documentation and invoices for the fruit purchased, particularly inspection of mollar pomegranate – if stolen it can be seen that it has been pulled out and not through the process cutting procedure.