By Andrew Atkinson

Colds and gastroenteritis cases are significantly rising in the province of Alicante with an increase in attendance at PACs and Health Centres.

Hospital Emergency departments have reported an increase in cases, along with and family doctors’ patients following the relaxation of coronavirus measures in October.

“It is mainly about viral pictures that cause very strong colds, with a cough, sore throat and high fever”, said an Alicante doctor.

An increase in herpes and mononucleosis is recorded with Paediatricians reporting an increase in gastroenteritis caused by enterovirus and bronchiolitis in young children.

In the General Hospital of Elche, two infants were hospitalised, although their progress is good.

In 2020 these types of conditions disappeared from the consultations, due in the main to the use of face masks and frequent hand washing during the coronovirus pandemic.

The decrease in Covid-19 cases and a relaxation of mask restrictions, has seen flu viruses rising.

Specialists advise maintaining frequent hand washing will help stop viruses entering the body, via contact of hands, mouth and eyes.