• Begonias green, bronze/ maroon, single-double frilly flowers blooming in pinks, whites and reds!

BEGONIAS are easy to grow and quickly flourish in well draining soil with your garden benefiting from their attractive foliage of green, bronze or maroon, with single or double frilly flowers blooming in pinks, whites and reds.

Begonias create a beautiful focal point, when planted en masse, and are also excellent for containers and hanging baskets.

Begonias can get stressed in full sun during hot summer days, making them susceptible to disease, so plant in a position where they will get some shade from the midday sun.

Once planted, Begonias care is simple, just regularly dead-head any spent blooms, pinch back. Watering correctly is important for their care with soil kept moist, but not overly wet.

Water at the base of the plant, to avoid leaf spot and the possibility of fungal diseases.

Cut back plants before any frost, they can then be used as a houseplant over the winter months for some bright colour.

Once inside, place in a bright filtered light area, keeping the soil moist and provide a little humidity by spraying weekly.

Propagation is easy, simply divide the plants in the Spring,  which will provide you with  more plants.