San Fulgencio Local Police have new a TETRA radio which will allow the officers to connect to and form part of the COMDES network, the mobile communications infrastructure for emergencies and security in the Valencia Region.

Costing 10,636 euros, it is a transmitter and thirteen portable devices whose acquisition “is a fundamental tool for the coordination of actions in case of emergency” said the mayor.

The equipment has end-to-end encryption to ensure the privacy of communications, excellent audio quality and batteries with a battery life of up to 16 hours, which “will allow better communication and coordination of actions with the fire brigade, health services and Civil Protection”, said Sampere.

Local police officers in San Fulgencio have already received the necessary training to use these devices and are now able to incorporate them into their daily duties of surveillance around the municipality.

The Town Council has also added a new lease vehicle to its police fleet through leasing, which will be joined by another car before the end of the year.

The mayor stressed the importance of having “a well-equipped police unit with the right tools”, as “this is the only way to ensure that they can carry out their duties correctly and at the same time guarantee the safety and security of all the residents of San Fulgencio”.