The book compiles traditional dishes and pastries and has been prepared with the assistance of six local housewives

The Department of Tourism has published a new recipe book with the aim of publicising traditional gastronomy. The book was presented on Tuesday in a ceremony that took place in the Plaza de la Constitución by the mayor of San Fulgencio, José Sampere, and the councillor for Tourism, Darren Parmenter.

The councillor said that, “with the preparation of this cookbook, we want everyone to be able to get to know the value of this local cuisine, which we offer by using locally grown, quality products, which are linked to agriculture and the history of the town”.

The mayor of San Fulgencio, José Sampere, added his thanks to the work of the six housewives who “have so kindly opened their kitchens and given us their valuable time.”  He said that “this cookbook has been able to become a reality thanks to them, by sharing with us this valuable gastronomic legacy, for which we wanted to thank and pay tribute, by dedicating the publication to them.”

The cookbook, of which 2,000 copies have been printed, includes recipes for typical dishes and pastries. It also has a version translated into English “to help those non-Spanish residents of our community to also enjoy the dishes and be part of the local culinary tradition,” said Parmenter.

The recipe book is completely free and will be available at the Town Hall, as well as at the San Fulgencio Tourist Office, in the urbanisation.


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