Orihuela’s majorit PP ruling party says that the refusal of Ciudadanos to support theur budget proposal in last Thursday’s Plenary council meeting is the ‘final straw’ and as such mayor Emilio Bascuñana is now considering dissolving the coalition agreement and ‘going it alone.’

This was revealed by the PP spokesman, Rafael Almagro, during an interview on Radio Orihuela Cadena Ser after the latest political setback caused by members of the ‘orange formation.’

He said that the latest disagreement between the two government partners could mark a turning point in the pact.

Ciudadanos leader José Aix said, however, that they could not support the budget because “the document arrived late and they were unaware of its contents.”

He added that in addition to the interference of the PP in Human Resources, a council responsibility of Ciudadanos, it is a “real outrage” that the PP want to borrow 28 million euros and mortgage the management of the next government that begins in 2024.

Repayments during the first two years of the loan were planned to be interest, which would not require any increase in local taxes.

Aix said that the best thing at this point in the year would be to start thinking about the 2022 budget. With the current deadlines, if the PP were able to prepare a provisional budget, it could be approved in the December Plenary.

Image courtesy Vega Baja Digital