Mojácar Council has initially approved at an extraordinary plenary session the locality’s General Urban Development Plan and Strategic Environmental Evaluation.

The aim of the Plan is the establishment of urban planning for the whole of Mojácar municipality, which makes up the scope of its application, as well as the organisation of its management and its implementation, all in accordance with current Andalucía Urban Planning legislation, the complementary and sectorial legislation, as well as the Royal Legislative Decree, which approves the reworked text of the Land and Urban Rehabilitation Law.

It is also in accordance with the principal of sustainable development, the objective of the Plan, as well as the urban planning instruments which develop this. It promotes the necessary conditions and establishes pertinent regulations to make them effective, fostering the rational use of natural resources, harmonising the requirements of the economy, employment, social cohesion, equal treatment, people’s safety and the protection of the environment.

The aims and criteria of this General Plan are, likewise, duly consistent with the existing supra-municipal legislation decisions.

In its preparation the problems of mobility, historic heritage, landscape, population, housing and tourism, among other considerations, have been taken into account.

The Strategic Environmental Evaluation document meanwhile also responds to that established in the Andalucía Environmental Quality Integrated Management law, establishing the bases which should govern the environmental evaluation of particular plans which could have effects on the environment in order to guarantee a high level of environmental protection.

The PGOU informative statement complies with the technical provisions approved by the Urban Planning General Management and addresses issues such as the benefit and opportunity of revising existing planning, the structure of the proposed territorial model and its coherence with the existing planning plans.

The General Plan is considered an essential instrument for compliance with the LOUA, representing the adjustment to Mojácar’s real urban planning situation.

Once initially approved, this General Urban Development Plan and Strategic Environmental Evaluation will be put on public display for a period of 45 working days, during which time objections can be made.