By Andrew Atkinson, in Guardamar

On 7 October GUARDAMAR celebrated the day of their Patron saint, the Virgen del Rosario with a  Mascleta in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento followed by a Mass in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, concluding with a celebration of fireworks.

Hundreds of people watched the fireworks – with the fire brigade personnel in attendance – as the noise by the Mascletá echoed across the city centre.

Music was performed by the Guardamar Union band.

Guardamar patroness, Lady of the Rosario is celebrated on the 7th of October annually. The sculpture or Our Lady of the Rosary is an object of great devotion and dating back to the early 17th century.

Guardamar Patron, the Virgen del Rosario Mass. Photos: Gabriel Zaragoza Rastoll, Mayra García Paredes, Bordados Paredes.

Also taking place was the Blessing of the new banner of the Group of Auroros “Virgen del Rosario” which has taken over 2 years to produce.

The base fabric is an off-white silk damask from the prestigious Casa Garin in Valencia, combined with floral motifs made in different shades of silk with gold embroidery that frame the piece that presides over a painting of the Stma. Virgin, a reproduction of that made by the local painter Filomena Hernández Lillo in 1953.  The painting is surrounded by a rosary of Swarovski stones.

Nico and Alejandro Guardamar local band members with Andrew Atkinson. Photo: Helen Atkinson.

In the work there are pieces embroidered by hand, outlined with different types of gold thread and pieces that are  embroidered in silks, with a great variety of colours that make the flowers have a great realism.

The banner was made in Guardamar by the artisan Francisco García Paredes in his embroidery workshop, fulfilling all the requirements of the Auroros de la Stma Group. Virgen del Rosario de Guardamar, for who their new banner is now a reality.


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