By Andrew Atkinson Exclusive

Vistabella based Laguna Tavern won the Mini Winter Pool League with El Raso based OBrien’s collecting the runners-up trophy.

“It’s been a pleasure to play in the Mini Winter league, underlined by meeting so many nice people from the teams involved,” Laguna Tavern captain Kim Oswell told The Leader.

Owner of Laguna Tavern, Paul Nixon added: “I thank James Green for organising the Mini Winter League. It was a great bunch of teams that participated.”

Debbie Woolley from OBrien’s said: “We had a great time playing in the Mini League – it’s been a pleasure to play the teams involved.”

Laguna Tavern and OBrien’s representatives and James Green (third right) from the Mini Winter Pool League. Photo: Helen Atkinson.

OBrien’s player Alan Perkins added: “We play the game to enjoy ourselves – it’s not all about winning – it’s about taking part and found it really enjoyable.”

The Mini Winter Pool League was organised by James Green from The Courtyard Los Montesinos after the postponement of fixtures in the Torrevieja Winter Pool League.

“Thanks to everyone for taking part and bringing all the bars together in what has been a difficult time during coronovirus

“It’s been a lot of fun and we’ve made a lot of good friends,” James told The Leader.

Torrevieja 2021-22 Winter Pool League results: Division 1:

Quiet Man 7 Terraza 2, Office Aces 4 Britannia A 5, F/Station (bw) 6 Unity Bar 3, Bar Next Door 6 Santana A 3.

Division 2:

Mi Sol 3 Office Bulls 6, Murphs 5 Fire Station (gw) 4, Britannia B 4 Racin Toast II 5, Bar 6 5 Marie’s Rendezvous 4, Santana B 3 The Courtyard A 6.

Division 3:

Arianza 2 Reflections 7, The Courtyard B 7 Oasis 2, Micky’s Bar 4 Thirsty Boot 5, Irish Abbey 6 Dejavu 3, The George 4 Laguna 5.