From a desperate telephone call for help, What can I do ?, I don’t know what to do, I don’t think I can cope !.  One question, Where are you ?, I am on my way.

So the story unfolds, a young wife of a veteran, a Cpl. ex R.C.T. Was placed in an unbelievable situation at the Quiron Hospital, Torrevieja, Spain. She was told that nothing more could be done for her husband and life saving medication and machinery would be withdrawn.

She had no access to funds, No will, House in husbands name, No funeral or insurance plan in place.  Through our trusted network of companies, within 24 hours, we were able to make funds available to her, a funeral package was put in place and a legal team activated to secure protection for the Widow.

More importantly, support and help from RBL Torrevieja was the motivation and strength that was needed to enable this wonderful young lady to find the courage to assemble family and friends together, so as to ensure that her late husband was honoured and laid to rest with respect and dignity.

May he rest in peace.

The Royal British Legion are here for you today, tomorrow and in the future.