From amongst the many different types of motorhomes that exist, Furgocasa specialises in a very specific type: Large Volume Campervans which are the ideal vehicles for couples, perhaps also accompanied by one or two small children.

Within the Greater Volume range of vans the company also stands for the quality of it’s vehicles and the offers it provides. Compared to other companies with similar activity, the campers are one level above in terms of quality, finish and purchase price.

Jonathan Knight ride from Tidworth to Campoverde in Spain
Jonathan Knight ride from Tidworth to Campoverde in Spain

Furgocasa has been operating since the beginning of 2018. From the outset, they have done very well.  They have had a wonderful reception from the public, social networks are doing very well, so much so, that the business continues to grow with occupancy targets increasing on almost a weekly basis.

One very surprising aspect, however, contrary to what was initially thought, the client base is predominantly Spanish (more than 95%) and for reasons that are unknown, the company has not yet managed to promote itself too well among the British public that are residing in the area, or among the British public, who might want to use this means of transport to travel and stay, when they are visiting Spain.

As such Furgocasa is now involving itself with the Royal British Legion in the area, the first stage of which was the provision of a campervan at significantly reduced costs for the recent Tidworth to Murcia Charity bike ride by Jonathan Knight.

As well as Campervan rental, which starts at just 80 euros a day, and which can be arranged from a minimum of 3 days, Furgocasa also has a large range of new and used vans for sale at our site that is situated just to the northeast of Murcia.

“If you are interested in this exciting way of traveling and you are planning to hire a campervan motorhome in Murcia, you can contact FURGOCASA through their website: or their social networks: or