Datura, or trumpet flower, has bold upright flowers that puts on rapid growth up to 1 metre tall, with flowers up to 9cm in width, fragrant, especially so at night.

Flowers are mostly white – but also come in yellow, purple, lavender and red.

Stems are soft, but erect, and have a grayish green tinge, with lobed leaves that are lightly furred.

Generally an annual, Datura self seeds vigorously and seedlings grow at a furious rate, to adult plants within one season.

Needing very low maintenance, ideally in full sun, fertile soil and regular watering, getting a little droopy if they do not get enough moisture.

During winter months they can sustain themselves in most climates, with whatever moisture naturally occurs.

Datura plants are easy to grow from seed, inside or outside in a pot, or simply sprinkle the seed direct outside in a sunny location.

Fertilise in Spring with a light flowering plant food high in nitrogen, then follow with a formula higher in phosphorus to promote flowering.

Cut back errant stems as you wish, but otherwise you don’t need to prune.

You may need to stake, if the plant grows too quickly, and has slender stems to hold the flowers upright.

An herbaceous perennial or annual Datura has a deadly reputation, as an ingredient in poisons and love potions.

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