The secretary general of the PSPV-PSOE, Manolo Mata, does not seem to like one bit the fact that he has colleagues in the Valencian Government coalition who threaten to exert pressure against his party, on the matter of a tourist tax on overnight stays in the Valencian Community.

During his speech, he appealed to the importance of preserving democracy in the face of groups that long for the reintroduction of those “supposedly wonderful things” that were in place decades ago, when, according everyone had a job and a house; in a clear allusion to the extreme right and Francoism.

President, Ximo Puig, has shown such a firm stance in his refusal to apply a tourist tax now. He reproached the region’s left wing parties Compromís and Unidas Podemos who are leading the support for the tourist ta saying that he was still waiting for a “concrete proposal” on the tax.