At the The Royal Nautical Club of Torrevieja (RCNT) last week the IV edition of the Alicante Association for Cruise Tourism was held, promoted by the Costa Blanca Board of Trustees. The object of the meeting was to address the new challenges currently being met by the sector, as well as showing shipping companies and tour operators the potential of the Alicante province.

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, opened the meeting that was also attended by the General Director of MSC Cruises, Fernando Pacheco.

Amongst the many presentations dealing with the reactivation of cruise tourism in the province the Councillor for Tourism and Deputy Mayor, Rosario Martínez, addressed the gathering in which she highlighted “Torrevieja, as a strategic tourist location of the highest value, a sustainable and accessible city for cruise tourists ”.

She also spoke about the Salinas de Torrevieja (the Pink Lakes) as a differentiating attraction that would be included in the schedules of cruise ships that dock in Alicante. Martínez said that a visit to the Salinas is ideal for cruise passengers, since its duration barely exceeds one hour, it is ideal for children, family and the elderly, all of who could enjoy this environmental setting and learn also about the local ecosystem.