While you may know the National Football League is the most popular sport in North America – did you know Spain ranks eighth in the world in NFL viewership? Many people across the country enjoy flipping on a game on Sunday and watching Americans crash, bash, and battle for three hours. If you are a sports fan and do not watch the NFL, you should consider it. There are many reasons to.

It is a Low Commitment Sport

No major sport has as short of a season as the National Football League. Each team plays 17 games per year – which is up from 1978 to 2020 when teams played 16 games per year. Compared to many other sports the NFL season is a short one. The short season and only one game per week per team also makes online sports betting on the NFL very popular.

If your favourite La Liga team makes it far in the UEFA Champions League or Europa League or wins a regional cup – you are looking at 50+ games in a season. The NHL and NBA play 82-game seasons plus the playoffs. Baseball in Japan and North America both play over 100 games in their season. The NFL with their 17-game season plus playoffs is manageable to watch.

It is on Late (But not that Late)

Of the four major North American sports leagues (the NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB) – the most appealing option for most Spaniards is the NBA. Some of the best NBA players of the last 20 years hail from Spain (particularly Pau and Marc Gasol).

The challenge of being an NBA fan in Spain is the time difference. The majority of NBA games start at 7:00 PM or 7:30 PM local time. If you wanted to watch Pau Gasol when he starred with the Lakers, you would have to wait until 4:00 AM for tipoff. That is late – even if Spain’s average bedtime is one of the latest in the world. You can instead watch the Liga ACB, which is considered the second-best basketball league in the world.

Watching the NFL is the complete opposite. During the regular season, only three games start at 8:15 PM EST (that is 2:15 AM CET). The majority of games on Sunday start at 7:00 PM in Spain with a few more games kicking off at 10:25 PM.

It is Exciting

If you have ever watched the NFL, it is hard to deny that when the game is good, often nothing is more tense and exciting. Every inch and every second matters. The dramatics of last-minute drives down four keep our knuckles white. The miracle plays that win a game or fall just short of the endzone live in infamy.

“NFL @ Wembley Oct 2010”

One great thing too – during the early slot of games on Sunday – you are often always guaranteed one or two games to end with excitement. In Week 3 of the 2021 NFL Season, the end of the Baltimore Ravens – Detroit Lions game was historical. We recommend you watch the highlights of the last two minutes. You could easily switch to that game if the one you are watching is a blowout.

You can be a Fan of Any Team You Want

Ever heard the term geographical allegiant? If you have not, it is a simple concept. Many of us are fans of a team/club based on where we live or where we were born. There is nothing wrong with the term. Most people want to be fans of the teams from their city or want to follow the teams from their childhood – no matter where you live.

With the NFL, you have no allegiance to anyone. You are free to pick whatever team you want to watch and cheer. Your friends can pick other teams and create rivalries on Sundays. Or you can play fantasy football and follow individual players instead of teams. The choice is yours!



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