Although the group started off as a cycling club, such was the popularity that there quickly became a demand for other activities, so, in 2017 Alex decided to launch a keep fit session for the club, along with her friends Daniel, Karin, Brigitte, Heinz and Manu, all of whom agreed to help her out.

This laid the foundation for a new training group in La Zenia. The training was tough and it quickly became apparent that some parts of the body needed rather more training than others.

Most of those who took part had sore muscles for a few days afterwards, but it felt very good. There were two more training sessions and then Alex travelled back to her home in Germany. However, as the workouts had seemed quite popular, Brigitte, Karin and Manu decided to continue their training once a week.

After a short period Ute joined the group. At the time she ran a small boot camp group that also met for training a couple of times a week. The ladies decided combine the training sessions and meet 3 times a week in the park at La Zenia, and now, almost 3 years later, the “ladies group” has grown beyond all expectations.

The training is now held three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in the park at Aguamarina. All the details are available on the group calendar.

The sessions are a mix of tabata, body training, circuit training, and boot camp. There is no charge to attend the sessions which the current trainers, Ute, Nicola and Manu, hold free of charge. All you need to take along is your own mat and a small pair of dumbbells 1kg – 4kg.

Shaping up with La Zenia’s Playground babes
Shaping up with La Zenia’s Playground babes

During the warm summer months, usually from June onwards, the group train on La Zenia beach, followed by a swimming session in the sea, but at the moment, during Autumn and Winter, all of the activities take place in Aguamarina, in the park at the end of Calle Agua.

Following the sessions many of the ladies then retire for coffee at the Chirunguito on La Zenia Beach, providing an additional and very welcome social opportunity

The group now consists of about 50 participants, not all of who live permanently in Spain, but they do maintain contact with each other all year round.

Grupo La Zenia also runs section for Motorcyclists, Yoga, golf as well its original function of cycling.

More information is available either on the group facebook page or at