As part of the financial assistance which the Almería Provincial Council is directing at the province’s local authorities so they can meet the costs created by the acquisition of materials or for disinfection actions, and included in the Costs Programme for the Fight Against Covid-19, Mojácar will receive from this institution 10,917.77 euros, corresponding to the expenses the municipality has incurred between June 2020 up until October this year.

This amount corresponds to the expenses already incurred by the Local Council for disinfecting the Local Police cars and all the municipal centres with ozone. It has also been used to buy disinfection materials, tents and gloves, as well as for other necessary expenditure in order to guarantee compliance with the special health regulations on cleaning and hygiene due to the pandemic.

With this action, the Almería Provincial Council’s main objective is financial assistance to the local entities, collaborating with them in guaranteeing the provision of municipal services.

The assistance is organised according to a scale proportional to the number of inhabitants in each locality.

The global amount of this assistance programme aimed at Almería province’s municipalities and autonomous local entities amounts to just over a million euros, charged to the 2021 general budget within the Covid-19 expenses Financial Assistance Programme.

Thanks to this initiative, Mojácar Council will be able to cover, at no cost to its coffers, the purchase of products, disinfection and sanitary products, with which to even further guarantee the correct provision of municipal services.

This assistance programme was first carried out in 2020 and is repeated this year with the purpose of continuing to provide financial and material resources to the province’s 103 municipalities for the fight against and prevention of Covid-19.