Entry has been restricted for a year and a half due to the coronavirus pandemic, but as of next Monday, October 4, normality will return to health and specialty centers. This was announced on Monday by the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig , in the general policy debate that has been held in Valencia.

Puig said that this measure is being taken thanks to the improvement in the numbers of infections, which have been decreasing in recent weeks.

Since the pandemic broke out, access to health and specialty centers has been restricted to avoid overcrowding in waiting rooms leading to possible infections. These limitation measures have caused long queues forming daily at the doors of the health centers of people who need attention and the collapse of the switchboards, which are not able to deal with the huge number of calls.

With the improvement of the situation, face-to-face consultations have been improving, but access to health centres has continued to be restricted. The situation will change next Monday, when, as announced by Puig, normal activity will be completely resumed.

The president also announced the new relief measures adopted a few hours earlier at the Interdepartmental Commission in light of the improvement in the pandemic figures. “Now we are in a good situation with vaccinations, incidence and hospitalisation”, and therefore “the Consell has decided to take a step forward with regard to the safe opening,” he said.

Welcome news for the nightlife sector is and extension of their opening hours till 5 in the morning and not at 3 as before. In addition, capacity inside pubs and nightclubs increased to 75% compared to the current 50%.

Tables can now be of 10 people and customers may sit at the bar. In addition, dancing and karaoke is allowed, but with mandatory use of a mask, without consuming food and beverages, and always in the space assigned, while respecting safety distances.

In bars and restaurants the capacity has increased to 75% and the maximum number of people who can sit at a table is increased to ten. The use of the bar while seated is also allowed. Hospitality businesses can return to their usual closing hours as indicated in their license, rather than the current 00.30 hrs

All restrictions on cinemas, theatres, auditoriums, museums and libraries are removed. Puig has also announced that talks will begin with the leisure and festival sector for the possible implementation of the covid passport .

After announcing the new relief measures, the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, said that “we continue to move towards a new normal thanks to the improving epidemiological situation in the Valencian Community and to the great effort of the entire Valencian public in the fight against the virus.”