By Andrew Atkinson

Los Montesinos Mayor José Manuel Butrón has asked for participation and responsibility during the Vega Baja town’s annual October Patron Saint festivities in Honour of the Virgen del Pilar.

“We look forward to people’s participation and individual responsibility so that the coronovirus situation continues to improve in order to recover next year the explosion of joy and activity that is the essence of our patron saint festivities,” said Mayor Butron.

“To be aware of all the party activity that is taking place, as well as possible changes that may occur in terms of programming,” he said.

In 2020 the Festivities were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and 2021 will see the council deploying a broader and more diverse programme.

“There are mass events including the parade of floats, neighbourhood dinners and procession, among others,” said Mayor Butron.

“Like last year, the council wants to avoid large crowds and mass events in general, being replaced by specific events, where capacity and distances can be controlled,” he added.

Councillor for Festivities of Los Montesinos, Alejandro Espí said ahead of the presentation of the Patron Saint festivities: “2021 is a year of transition in festive matters.  The mayor assures that progress has been made in programming, compared to the previous year recovering some activities and anticipating new ones.

“It is complex to set up parties at a time when the regulations change permanently and the epidemiological situation fluctuates.

“Even so, much of the atmosphere and joy of our Patron Saint festivities will be recovered.”

Five musical performances will be held in the Plaza Sagrado Corazón, with a tribute British group Police, along with a variety magazine, a Havana concert and the show by the group “Los Happys”.

Sports competitions includes racket sports tournaments, soccer matches, and the Urban Mile.

“Feel yourself a star”; a parade by the Montesinos Musical Group, an art exhibition by local artist Manuel Gea Más and the traditional meeting of vintage motorcycles and cars are among other activities.

Religious events include the serenade to the Virgen del Pilar held for the second consecutive year, which consists of a narrated projection of light and sound on the facade of the Church on the eve of her day.

The representative floral offering will be held on the same day as the patron saint, October 12, replacing the usual procession.

“The event will end with the launch of the traditional fireworks display – that puts the finishing touches to the festivities,” added Mayor Butron.


The Fiestas Patronales Los Montesinos 2021 features various sports, both individual, in pairs, by team and family, amongst the Patron Saint Festivities.

: Several days with Tournament format according to participants. Racket Zone of Los Montesinos: €5; registration per couple at the Los Montesinos Town Hall. Last day of registration Monday, September 27. 8 Couples maximum.

. FRIENDS OF ALEJANDRO versus FRIENDS OF MANOLITO, Wednesday October 6 at 20.00 hours at the Municipal soccer field.

· · Friday, October 8 at 17.30 hours at the Municipal soccer field.

, Saturday October 9 at 10am, departure of the Virgen del Pilar Public School. Free registrations at the start. Giveaway for gifts at the end.

I & , Sunday October 10 from 10am. Virgen del Pilar Public School Pavilion. Registration at the beginning or at the Los Montesinos Town Hall.

, Saturday October 16 from 5pm, Avenida del Mar from LosMontesinos. Free registration for children, €2 for seniors/veterans. Registration: