Mojácar Local Council has approved, at an extraordinary plenary meeting, the contract allocation document for the concession of the service operation for the locality’s Residence and Day Centre for the Elderly.

Of the three companies aiming to gain the concession, it was Arquisocial S.L. which gained the most points on being the most highly rated company by the contract awarding board.

Once the tender has been awarded, the documentation indicated in the Specific Administrative Stipulations Document will be required to be submitted to the Town Hall within a period of no more than 10 working days.

They will then have a period of six months to equip the residence and day centre and get it up and running. For its part, the Local Council plans to approve internal regulations to ensure the control and proper functioning of the service.

The contract between Arquisocial S.L. and Mojácar Council will be for 15 years from obtaining the operation authorisation and the accreditation of the centre, with periods which can be expressly extended, by mutual agreement, for periods of five years up to a maximum of 25.

The Residence for the Elderly is a social centre offering accommodation, living together and comprehensive care. It functions as a substitute for the family home, either temporarily or permanently, for the elderly in a situation of dependence, with capacity for 60 elderly people.

The day centre offers comprehensive day care for people who are also in a situation of dependence, with the aim of improving or maintaining the best possible condition of personal independence and quality of life, supporting their family members and carers. This centre will have capacity for 20 people and will operate independently from the residence.

Located in the El Palmeral area, it has been built on a nearly 10,000 square metre plot of consolidated urban land, with construction on 2,750 square metres, and the rest corresponding to equipment and garden areas.

It will have a residential zone with six individual bedrooms with bathroom, 27 double rooms, also with individual bathroom, sitting rooms and two dining rooms. The specialised zone will have an infirmary, occupation therapy room, physiotherapy, medical consultation, psychology and pharmacy.