Government offices like the CIA, FBI, and NSA need talented, passionate, and hard-working professionals to combat both domestic and international threats. If you want to dedicate your life to serving your country, preventing terrorism, or combating cybercrime, you could enjoy much career satisfaction in the essential sector.

If you are unsure about the best careers in the industry or the skills you will need to flourish in a role; a little research could help you make an informed choice. If you want to work your way toward a security and protection career, here are some top-paying positions to consider.

Intelligence Analyst

Most intelligence analysts work in a government agency and will examine and deliver data related to security threats. It is their responsibility to perform extensive research, analyze large data sets, identify potential issues, and build and maintain various records. Intelligence analysts are highly-trusted employees, as they must work with classified information and will need an in-depth understanding of signal intelligence, databases, and imagery analysis. If this sounds like an ideal path for you, enroll in an M.A. in Intelligence and Global Security.

Cybersecurity Officer

A cybersecurity officer is responsible for protecting a government, financial institution, or a major organization’s computer networks. Any organization that requires a high level of cyber security will want to hire talented cyber security officers. They will review and analyze various systems, conduct vulnerability assessments, and perform network penetration tests. Again, an Intelligence and Global Security MA can provide the qualification and skills needed to secure a cybersecurity officer position.

Geospatial Intelligence Analyst

Geospatial intelligence analysts have huge responsibilities on their shoulders, as they must analyze visual data to support effective Army leadership. The critical information will provide the armed forces with key information on enemy forces, mission support, and potential battle locations.

To excel as a geospatial intelligence analyst, you must interpret information, prepare charts, maps and reports, and know how to collect images successfully. With this insight, the armed forces can decide if they need to take combative or non-combative action.

An Intelligence and Global Security MA can help you secure a role as a geospatial intelligence analyst. Plus, the occupation is growing in demand, which means you could enjoy much job security throughout your career.

A Protective Agent

If you’re looking for a more hands-on career in defense, you might relish a career as a protective agent. The CIA typically hires protective agents to execute various sensitive operations. To do so, they may serve as security personnel, dog handlers, work in a special detail operation, or become an expert in explosive ordinance disposal. In addition to securing a degree, most protective agents are required to have police, military, or security experience.


If you are looking for a career to defend your country from domestic or international threats, the above occupations are worthwhile considerations. Each role requires a great deal of responsibility and trust, and your skills and experience could help government agencies, the military, or major organizations make critical decisions.