A convenient, practical and functional stainless steel restaurant equipment is needed in every kitchen in any catering establishment. This category of professional equipment is subject to high demands due to the heavy workload that production furniture is subjected to.

In restaurants with a large traffic and in catering establishments specializing in the preparation of dishes from fresh meat and fish (carcass cutting), professionals use only stainless steel production tables, that can withstand a large weight of food, the effects of cleaning chemicals and temperature extremes.

Classification of stainless steel restaurant supply

Depending on the specialization, stainless steel cutting tables for restaurants and canteens are divided into several categories. The usual, simplest production table is a structure in the form of a smooth, even table top with legs reinforced with a special frame. The functionality of such a product is not as effective as other kinds of stainless steel restaurant equipment:

  • A model with shelves for storing food, dishes and other kitchen utensils, which saves space in the kitchen and allows cooks to have the necessary things next to them.
  • An option with a built-in stainless steel sink, that optimizes the processes of cutting meat, fish, cooking vegetables.
  • A stainless steel work table with a metal rim, that protects the wall from dirt and splashes, prevents liquids from spilling down and makes cleaning easier.
  • A cutting table for a restaurant or a dining room can also be equipped with drawers or cabinets, which also greatly contribute to increasing the comfort of the cooks.

For a shop that specializes in cutting vegetables, for example, it is advisable to look for tables with holes for collecting waste and a bathtub for rinsing and storing processed products. In workshops for cutting meat, as a rule, special cutting equipment is installed, where the tabletop is equipped with bumpers not on one, but on three sides, which prevents blood from draining and falling off the scraps.

Principles for choosing stainless steel restaurant equipment

Starting to select specific models of stainless steel kitchen equipment, it is necessary to draw up a clear list of the requirements that you have for each type of equipment and clarify its specific purpose. A stainless steel work table in a restaurant or dining room can serve a variety of purposes:

  • for primary processing and cutting of vegetables and fruits;
  • for cleaning fish and cutting meat;
  • as a stand for scales and a surface for packing products;
  • for the installation and operation of additional equipment;
  • for kneading, rolling out dough and forming bakery and confectionery products;
  • for dividing ready meals into portions and decorating them before serving to guests;
  • for the preparation of all kinds of semi-finished products;
  • for warehousing;
  • to collect food waste, etc.

According to the type of placement in the kitchen,  stainless steel restaurant equipment is divided into two types:

  1. Wall mounted. They are most often ordered for the arrangement of restaurants and canteens with a limited area. Metal tabletops of such models have a protective rim on one side. Several tables can be combined into a common work area using special inserts or corner structures.
  2. Island. Models without sides with smooth safety edges can be placed both against walls and in the middle of the room.

The standard width of the working surface is 60 or 70 cm, and the length varies in a much wider range – from compact options less than a meter to spacious two-meter products. Nevertheless, the customers can make an individual order according to their demands.

Advantages of stainless steel kitchen equipment

Good table products with anti-corrosion properties has the highest performance characteristics, which allows it to easily cope with the following types of load and maintain an impeccable appearance:

  • daily exposure to high temperatures and aggressive cleaning substances;
  • constant disinfection, mandatory for surfaces in frequent contact with food;
  • easy cleaning of various liquids, product residues and waste;
  • significant weight of the overall tabletop equipment for the catering unit and cutting large amounts of meat.

Such equipment will serve you for many years and you may be sure of its quality. Moreover, there is a huge variety of multifunctional restaurant stainless steel tables and shelves that is especially important for professional cooks. So, today kitchen supplies made of stainless steel are the best choice on the international market!