The PSOE have denounced the Orihuela City Council for failing to sufficiently warn bathers in Aguamarina of the danger of falling rocks onto the seafront below. The hazard is not signed, and bathers are completely unaware of the risks.

In a statement issued on Wednesday the opposition group leader, Carolina Gracia, said that following the expulsion of a group of tourists only last Sunday, “The people were completely surprised as they did not know the reasons for the eviction, which is basically the fact that they are allowed to sit and bathe directly below an area of ​​the cliffs that suffered a landslide in October 2020 and that, currently, still does not have a fixed fence or sufficient signing to warn of the risks”.

The Socialist Group explained that before publicising last Sunday’s events, they asked the Local Police to find out more details, but the response they have received only shows “the lack of maintenance and actions in the area, practically a year after the first landslide occurred.

“What we are told is incredible in that, despite the rockfalls occurring on more than one occasion,  each time the provisional fencing that is put up around the area disappears or moves, it is then the work of the police to make people aware of the dangers ”, she said.

Bathers lives at risk in Aguamarina due to the danger of landslides

Gracia stated that it is not the first time she has been forced to denounce the “neglect and delay” of the Local Government in such matters, ruptures, sinkholes or landslides in the municipal coastal area. She said that should the sink hole above Cabo Roig beach be repaired, a year on from the opening first appearing, because of the delay it will now cost double the amount that was originally budgeted.

She said that her party will raise the matter at the next Plenary meeting. “There is money for what they want and although the installation of a fixed fence blights the image of the beach it must be erected with signing that warns of the danger and prohibits access, because the lives of the people who come to enjoy our beaches are being put at risk.”


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