• Assistance is primarily for teams that participate in national and European leagues, a total of 300,000 euros from which fifty Alicante clubs will benefit

The Diputación de Alicante will allocate half a million euros this year in support of sports clubs across the province to help with the development of activities, programs, tournaments and events of special interest. The funding has now been formally approved and will be centred around three areas.

Eduardo Dolón, has welcomed the commitment of the Diputación with the different sports clubs “which work, day after day, not only in the promotion of physical activity, but also in the teaching of values ​​as an essential part of our society such as respect, effort, the spirit of improvement and commitment”.

The aid program for senior and open category teams that participate in national and European leagues has a provincial investment of 300,000 euros that will be distributed among fifty clubs.

They include the Lucentum Baloncesto Alicante Foundation, the Elche Handball Club, the Villajoyosa Rugby Club, the Benidorm Beach Volleyball Club, the UNASYR Table Tennis Club, the Amics de les Muntanyes Excursionista Center in Ibi and Torrevieja’s Jennifer Colino Rhythmic Gymnastics Club .

In addition, the Provincial Council will pay 150,000 euros toward the organisation, by 64 clubs and groups, of sporting events of special interest such as the World Sailing Championship, Flying Dutchman Class, the Villa de Aspe International Chess Open, the VI International Chess Tournament,  Rugby 7s, the International Mountain Congress (CIMS) and the Pilota Valenciana a Palma Trophy ‘Villa de La Nucía’.

A further grant will be allocated to the clubs that support disabled, adapted and inclusive participants in the province in the development of their activity -physical, intellectual and / or mental disability. A total of 19 groups will benefit from this, totalling 50,000 euros.

Caption: The Jennifer Colino Rhythmic Gymnastics Club is one of the beneficiaries



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