The FFCV have announced the first round of the new Copa Comunitat Mediterrànea ‘La Nostra Copa’ will begin on September 12, which will provide a route into the Copa del Rey 22/23, to meet a First Division team.

A statement from the FFCV said: 376 teams from the Valencian Community have the right to compete in this new competition, pioneering in Spain and inspired by the model of the English FA Cup.

75 teams from Preferente, 119 from Primera Regional and 182 from Segonda Regional have the right to play the I Copa Mediterrànea ‘La Nostra Copa’.

All Pereferente, Primera and Segonda Regional teams will be able to participate in this cup, except for the dependents or subsidiaries of a team that competes in the national category, or the dependent teams whose main team also takes part in ‘La Nostra Copa’.

In that case, to participate it is mandatory to do so with the first team. It cannot be played by team B instead.

La nostra Copa pioneered in Spain inspired by FA Cup.

Once the list of teams entered is finalised, the FFCV will publish a circular regulating the competition with all details.

However, it is planned that it will be a one-off match at home for the lower-category team.

The clashes until the round of 16 will be played geographically, whenever possible, trying to avoid long journeys.

From the eighth there will be no geographical limitation.

Awards for victory and aid for referees: For each tie, the FFCV will make a financial award. This reward will increase round by round until reaching the final.

The amounts will be specified in the competition rules that will be made public soon.

In addition, the FFCV will also grant aid to pay for referees.


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