Mojácar Art and New Technology Exhibition by  Eva Raquel Quesada

The “La Fuente” Municipal Art Centre has an exhibition of painting and sculpture by Eva Raquel Quesada Valdés until the end of August.

The exhibit features numerous pieces by the Almería artist in a colourful presentation of her works, which don’t leave the visitor indifferent.

For Eva Raquel Quesada, her art starts with the rebirth of “inspiration” deep within her. According to the artist, her illustrations begin as direct line strokes made directly on paper with a ballpoint pen.

These illustrations are subsequently treated with digital techniques until the final finish is achieved: an impressive digital impression on Plexiglass.

The artist seeks to convey to the public the existence of other worlds, full of animal and plant life, created with the sensitivity and the good work of an artistic future within new technology as a working base.

The result is a work full of colour and life which attracts and invites the visitor to stand in front of each work and carefully observe each and every detail of the painting.

Eva Raquel Quesada Valdés is a Fine Arts University graduate with a speciality in Graphic Design.

Following numerous individual and collective exhibitions and receiving the Graphispag prize at the Barcelona Graphic Industries International Fair, in 2007 she created her own graphic design, advertising, photography and art company called Quevea, S.L.

These days she shares her artistic creation with classes in Visual and Audiovisual Arts Education in secondary education.

The “La Fuente” Municipal Arts Centre is open with free entry from Wednesday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 2pm.