The Orihuela Local Police broke up an illegal party on the Orihuela Costa last Sunday morning involving a group of 29 people.

A spokesman said that not only was the music excessively loud but there was no respect for anti covid measures being applied at the venue and they also seized a quantity of narcotic substances.

Three police patrols descended on the venue, the currently unused ‘Farándula’ nightclub in Campoamor at dawn on Sunday morning to find the illegal party in full swing.

The officers carried out an inspection of the premises to find that there were many people consuming alcoholic beverages and narcotic substances. The attendees were not complying with anticovid measures, such as minimum safety distances, nor were they wearing protective masks.

Police seize drugs at illegal party in Orihuela Costa
Police seize drugs at illegal party in Orihuela Costa

Given the obvious breaches of the law the agents identified and sanctioned the 29 people attending, for possession of narcotics and for ignoring measures introduced to combat coronavirus.

Two of the people at the illegal party were arrested and taken into custody, a 46-year-old man and a 49-year-old man, one identified as the promoter of the party and the other for a crime against public health as he was found to be in possession of 11 pieces of cocaine, various types of pills and a large amount of cash.

In addition, inside the premises, the agents found 18 packets of cocaine, almost 30 pills and a quantity of hashish.

A police spokesman appealed to all members of the public to eradicate such activities which he said “are detrimental to the city as a whole.”