By Andrew Atkinson

Parasailors were lucky to escape uninjured after dropping out of the sky into Torre de la Horadada Nautical Club on August 16.

The parasailers were practising when strong gusts of winds hit the area.

Following the incident Martime Mar Menor parasailing activity released a statement that it had no connection with the accident that occurred on the beach of Torre de la Horadada.  “Martime guarantees, in all its activities, the application of strict security measures by our professionals.

“For this reason, the company does not carry out the activity when the weather, wind and wave conditions are not suitable.

“At the time of the events, the vessels of the company were moored in port, having voluntarily ceased their activity prior to the usual schedule, given the adverse wind and wave conditions.

“We hope that similar events will not occur again in the future, as well as a speedy recovery for those possibly injured by this unfortunate event.”

It would appear that both of the individuals on the parachute were French nationals who were on holiday in the area.

The event took place on Monday afternoon when, after a strong gust of wind, the cable that holds the parachute, a canopy, in which the two people were sitting, was released from the boat that was towing it while carrying out a turn.

In the video images you can see the parachute uncontrolled and at high speed, passing just a few meters from the Torre de la Horadada Watchtower and descending rapidly.

Fortunately the parachute fabric got hooked on the mast of a sailboat that was moored in the port of Torre de la Horadada which avoided a possible tragedy, since they could have fallen at high speed against the ground, into the sea, or have collided with one of the buildings in the area.

Eyewitnesses point out that they were very lucky indeed to have landed in the only area of ​​the port where there were two empty moorings.