• Mark Acklom is fighting extradition from inside his UK prison cell

Mark Acklom was once listed as Britain’s most notorious conmen until, in 2019 he was arrested in Spain and extradited to the UK.

There, the serial fraudster was given a 5 year 8 month prison sentence for a romance scam, but when he is freed, as expected, in a fortnight Acklom will have served barely a third of his sentence.

However Mr Acklom is not at all pleased at the prospect of his release and is currently refusing to leave his cell. It would seem that when he does so an extradition process will be served on him once again, this time from whence he came, Spain.

He was previously jailed in Cartagena, for defrauding two brothers who he conned into paying him deposits on flats he claimed to own in London.

Halfway through his Spanish sentence he appealed and was given temporary release, but fled to Switzerland, taking advantage of open borders and changing his name by deed poll to get new passports. He still has 18 months to serve.

Over the years Acklom has been jailed five times for deception in Spain, once in the UK for forging medical prescriptions and previously in Switzerland for fraud.

Having followed a 32 year profession of fraud, Acklam’s criminal career began as a 16-year-old public schoolboy when he was imprisoned for stealing his father’s gold credit card.

It could well end in just a few weeks time when he enters the gates of the Centro Penitenciario Murcia once again, where he is expected to see out the remainder of his jail time in Spain.