The territorial delegate meets the local mayor, who has requested this assistance to reinforce Local Police services

The territorial delegate for Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration in Almería, José Luis Delgado, visited Mojácar today, where he met with the Mayor, Rosa María Cano, to inform her about the new assistance launched by the regional ministry for local entities, including a “new” line allocated to “guaranteeing the public services in those municipalities which, like Mojácar, see the population which they have to serve increase at certain times of the year.”

Delgado explained that nearly 300,000 euros of this assistance will be allocated to Almería province, and up to 15,000 euros per municipality (18,150 with VAT). Subsidies which will be distributed “in non-competitive tendering for the sake of agility”, he detailed. In this regard, he pointed out that “Mojácar was one of the first municipalities in the province to request these funds, hence it is very probable that it will be a beneficiary of the resolution which we are processing at the Territorial Delegation and which we hope will be ready shortly.”

The Mayor informed the delegate that if in the end it is a beneficiary of the assistance, the Local Council wants to allocate it to reinforcing the Local Police services during the summer season due to the need to increase surveillance and safety duties when Mojácar is full of visitors.

The aim of these resources is to help local authorities in the face of “situations stemming from greater seasonal or temporary demand (like those which can occur due to a growing need for work, social, recreational or seasonal service, among others), as well as in the event of certain extraordinary circumstances of a health or public health nature which may occur, reinforcing or strengthening any services which may be needed.” Nevertheless, this is a line of assistance independent of the extraordinary fund which the regional ministry headed by Juan Marín will shortly set in motion for expenses stemming from Covid.

“There are Almería municipalities like Mojácar where the number of inhabitants doubles in the summer and the local authorities need financial resources in order to provide the services which are their responsibility, hence this assistance from the regional ministry to give the support since as we know these local entities have very limited budgets, the Delegate stressed.

For the territorial head of Local Administration in the province, this assistance, along with the other line destined to the fight against de-population and the new extraordinary fund to deal with Covid, are an example “of this Government’s commitment, and especially of the Vice-President Juan Marín, to municipalism, as the local entities are the administrations closest to citizens and the first which must deal with the needs of its residents, in many cases with scarce resources.