We all have at least one friend who talks about how to make money all the time. If you just said aye, this article is just for you. So you can tell them about what they can do to get the bucks that they need.

Ways of earning money have transformed a lot in recent times. Now you do not need a physical setup, customer or even to an office to start a business. You can do it online and make money. But not everybody has the time and resources to start a business even if it was happening online.

So this article is also for those who need to make money in other ways.

Playing games!

Yes. That’s the first one on our list. Wondering how you can play games and make money? Well, now with online fantasy games you will be able to make real money while playing games. Let me tell you how it works.

  1. Create an account in a fantasy games portal.
  2. Log in with your credentials, and select the game you want to play. You can choose Cricket, Football, Basketball and a bunch of other games to play.
  3. Create a team of players in the game that you choose.
  4. Connect with your friends and family to enjoy more rewards and multiply your earnings. The more you win, the more you earn.

Don’t forget to use coupons for getting a signup bonus and other discounts. Start playing with the free credit. You can add more credits to your account later on in the form of cash.

Affiliate business

Here’s no. 2. You can create an Affiliate business online by signing up with a website that allows you to do so. Many companies will let you promote their products and services online for a commission. You win the commission when you sell their stuff. These can be anything from clothes, to travel packages and phones. You just need to look up an affiliate program to get started.

Many businesses offer affiliate programs on their sites And why can this work for you? Because you have the biggest tool to sell in 2021 -Social Media! Share links on WhatsApp, Twitter or create a Facebook group. Small efforts can get you big returns.

Things you need to start with an affiliate business

  1. A site, or a blog: Where you can insert the product affiliate links
  2. An Amazon Affiliate account (or similar with any other advertiser)
  3. That’s pretty much about it!


Referring and earning is pretty nifty. The way it works is you just need to refer someone to a website. When they use the services on that website, you and the one you referred to get perks. Usually, this is in the form of either free perks, discounts or even real money. It depends on the site you are referring to and their products. For example, if it’s an online fantasy game portal, you may get extra credits. And so will they.

Here’s the catch!

Referral bonuses reflect only when the person you referred to used the service or made a purchase. If you get such referral credits in your account, you may even be able to withdraw them to your bank account. You may however need to wait to get enough money through referrals and what you may make from one referral may be quite less to be withdrawn. But with patience and enough referrals, you can just make enough money to buy a T-shirt or a book soon without having to really pay for it from your bank.


One of the most underrated yet most essential things in the world is to teach. In the age of digitization, it can even help you make millions online. There are websites that offer courses to interested learners. All you, a teacher, should do is create a video course on the topic you expertise at and upload it to such an e-learning portal.

Uploading a course to such a site is free most of the time. And the options of such a platform are limitless.


If photography is what you like to do, then you can get paid for that online too. Here’s the thing. There are many photo repositories that need snap-shorts of nature, wildlife, day to day activities and more to sell on their websites. If you can capture such images, you can sell those to the website owner and get paid.

Google Adsense

You can earn by allowing Google ads on your show up on your website, blog or youtube videos. You will be paid for every click that happens on the ad while it is on your platform. You can get paid anything between a few paisa or rupees depending on the type of ad. For example, real estate ads are more expensive than fashion-based ads.

You can actually choose if you want to types of ads to show on your website. If you have a real estate website, you can choose the same and other related categories. This will also provide more value to your readers and you would be able to make more from each click as well.

Things you need to start with Google Adsense

  1. A Google Adsense account
  2. A website/ youtube channel/ WordPress blog etc.
  3. That’s pretty much it!


Ways to do things have changed due to digitization and so have ways to earn money. If this is what you’d like to try, use any of the above-mentioned ways and make real money. All of this requires time and effort. The money you would make also is proportional to the time you invest in it. The more effort you put in, the more the chance of earning gets.