Final upgrades are currently being carried out in the Orihuela Plaza de Toros as it is currently being modified to meet requirements for an opening licence.

In 2019, following the building lying empty for over 30 years, the refurbishment of the enclosure cost Orihuela taxpayers more than 563,000 euros as it was converted into a multipurpose venue for leisure, cultural and musical shows with a capacity for 2,800 people.

Also included in the project are with green areas, a cafeteria, a children’s playground and a small museum that will remember the bullfighting history of the town.

The appearance has been maintained and it continues to be identified as a bullring, although there will be no bullfights there – there have not been for decades and animal shows were banned by the municipal government. Now it will be offered to associations and event companies to host different events and performances, according to municipal sources.

It was the star project in the previous municipal term of the mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana , but two years after the restoration of the property it has still not been able to open its doors due to the lack of an activity license.

After 30 years of neglect and 600k, the Orihuela bullring near to reopening

The lack of use has caused the deterioration of the facilities to such an extent that the City Council has had to budget a further 10,600 euros for additional works.

Amongst the new works being carried out are the fitment of fire extinguishers, evacuation signs, emergency lights and safety rails, all of which will guarantee the safety of users, ensuring that, when the Plaza de Toros finally does reopen “security guarantees” will be in place.