Denmark is, by and large, not a country that’s well-known for golf. That is, right now. The country plays host to around 200 courses, total. However, that could be set to change if more links legends emerge in the years to come. However, when it comes to Danish golfing pros, few come close to the status enjoyed by Thomas Bjorn.

Bjorn has had more time in the game than many to get where he is now. Having turned pro in his early 20s in 1993, he’s played more than 560 tournaments worldwide. He was also famously the first-ever Danish golfer to lead Team Europe in the Ryder Cup. In true Bjorn fashion, Europe won – back in 2018 – and it’s just one of many successes on the course worth mentioning.

Is Denmark a Golfing Country?

Surprisingly, Denmark isn’t a country that many think of when it comes to golf. This is particularly astonishing given how high profile Bjorn has become over the years. The fact is, Denmark remains a reasonably mixed bag when it comes to sports – they like a bit of everything!

Their recent footballing success at Euro 2020, for example, have helped to spur more people on to betting at Danish sportsbooks., for instance, is a prime place for punters to find odds from a Danish perspective. It’s unsurprising that many people interested in Bjorn and Team Europe head to these sites for golfing news.

Bjorn is a famous figure amongst golfing fans, and many may be surprised at how much he’s won over the years. Now entering the PGA Seniors Championships, Bjorn has amassed more than 20 million EUR through career wins. That’s an incredible haul – and it covers his 15 landmark victories in the European Tour, too.

Bjorn, of course, isn’t the only Danish golfer to win big. More and more from the country have scored wins on the European Tour. In a conversation from a few years ago, the star acknowledged he might have helped open doors for pros in his homeland.

Has Bjorn Gone International?

One thing you can certainly say for Thomas Bjorn is that he hasn’t let his career rest in the past 30 years. He’s not only claimed plaudits on the European Tour but abroad, too.

Bjorn has amassed two wins on the Japan Tour and likewise on the Asian Tour. He’s also placed well at the PGA Championships and the Open, making him an appealing all-rounder. Golf fans will also likely know the star for his sense of humour. If there’s a camera, Bjorn is going to play up to it at some point.

Surprisingly, the linksman has only ever broken the Official Golf World Ranking top 10 the once – for an entire week. However, that was 20 years ago, and since then, the pro has continued to go from strength to strength.

Could there be another Danish pro up to Bjorn’s standards on the fairway? We’ll have to wait and see.

Photo by Lo Sarno on Unsplash


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