• €30m leisure project plan in port of Torrevieja by Cox born businessman Enrique Riquelme

By Andrew Atkinson

Cox born businessman Enrique Riquelme, based in Torrevieja, is leading a €30million project to build a leisure area in the port of Torrevieja.

“It has been designed to respect the essence of the space that the port dedicates to its fishing activity, which remains practically in the same location,” said Riquelme.

The Generalitat has reportedly processed Riquelme’s proposals for the concession and construction of the 80,000 square metres urbanisation – that includes cinemas, bowling alley, hospitality establishments and an underground parking area, maintaining the Fair attractions and the space for the fishing sector.

The announcement has also been published at the DOGV.

The General Director of Ports, Luisa Martínez Mora, has reportedly signed the public information announcement of the concession’s request to occupy public space in the port of Torrevieja, in order to build and operate the leisure and commercial area.

Of the 80,000 sqm, 9,000 sqm is on the ground floor and will accommodate a leisure complex, including cinemas, bowling and hospitality franchises, restaurants and cafeterias located in the area that currently occupies the surface car park.

Plans also include and underground car park, where the fairground is presently located and redevelopment of the upper area to relocate the fairground.

The project could include the demolition of two of the three buildings owned by the port, located in the main access from the Casino.

Riquelme, who specialises in the management of underground car parks, has said that a project has been presented that aims to comply with the law.

The Consell del Botànic assumed the management of the port of Torrevieja in 2015, ruling out any development of a large commercial area in the port area, and starting the procedure for the delimitation of port areas, that concluded in 2018.

However Torrevieja City Council must still authorise the construction and opening licences of the proposed €30m project.