The Cox Town Council, through the Department of Social Services, is introducing a telecare service in order to offer a more advanced service and continuous monitoring that will offer greater and better care for people in vulnerable situations or with difficulties.

“The objective is to improve people’s quality of life by providing a service that gives them better security, as well as personalised attention,” said Salud Lozano, councillor for Social Services.

This initiative improves the day-to-day life of the most vulnerable people, while preventing their dependence and enhancing their personal independence. Likewise, this service helps to detect and prevent, as well as to intervene in risky situations, improving the quality of life of users.

The telecare service offers the elderly and people with specific needs a number of benefits, including the possibility of continuing to reside at home, combatting loneliness and isolation, while strengthening social and family networks, promoting ageing healthy, while promoting independence and preventing dependency.

The service is provided with a collaboration agreement with the Red Cross who will provide qualified and specialised personnel in the social field and with skills to care for people at risk of exclusion.

The budgetary investment for this service amounts to € 4,000 per year.