By Andrew Atkinson

Following Council cleansing department cleaning a plethora of areas in Torrevieja a backlash of complaints have been aired in many districts – that appear to have been ‘forgotten’.

Areas that have undergone cleansing include: Calle Master Francisco Valleyjos, Calle Caballero de Rodas, Calle Colibri; Dique of Levante, Ave Diego Ramirez, Calle Virgin of Paloma, Calle Galleon and playa Náufrago, amongst others.

“Everything is Torrevieja – and we have the same rights.”

However a plethora of people have complained about their areas that need cleansing and tidying up.

“There is an area, that I never see their names as having been cleaned.

“Calle Gabriela Mistral, Berta Von Sutter, Ángel Garcia Rogel and many other streets in this area that do not see street cleaning,” said a disgruntled resident.

Teresa AnaMaria said: “This is how we are in Torretas 3 second phase. The green areas – which are scrub fields – need to be cleaned.

“They are a hot-bed of mosquitoes and prone to fires, with one major outbreak already last year.”

She alleged: “Of urban planning they have already told me to get in touch with services – but this area has neither mail nor telephone on the Town Hall website.”

Javier Sober said: “Those of us who live from Calle Apolo to the east would also like our streets to receive the same treatment.

“Torrevieja is not only Ramón Gallud, Caballero de rodas – adjacent areas – and the promenades.

“Everything is Torrevieja – and we have the same right.”

Maite Cruz Godinez said: “It is disgusting where I live – smells together with human and animal waste, rats that look like a cats”.