In recent weeks, AVOCA has received many complaints from the residents of Orihuela Costa, who are very angry at the serious lack of municipal services provided by the town hall.

Some specific cases of the unfortunate events regularly occurring on the coast are; streets full of garden waste and rubbish, broken containers with rubbish lying around them, huge bushes and weeds growing along the pavements, many potholes and pavements that seriously hinder movement of vehicles and pedestrians, outdated and insufficient road signs that pose a threat to road safety, stretches of cliffs on our coast in ruins (for example, the La Caleta sinkhole), the lack of police officers to control antisocial behaviour.

Many people are saying that they feel abandoned by the inaction of the Town Hall.

As such The association has organised a demonstration in which members of the public will be able to show their frustration and outrage at this situation publicly.

Date: 29 July (Thursday), municipal plenary day

Time: 11am (Approximate duration: 1 hour)

Location: In front of the Playa Flamenca Town Hall

Modus operandi: Banging pots and pans. Alternatively, using mobile phones, using the following link:

The demonstration has been authorised by the subdelegation of the Spanish government in Alicante. They have advised us of the need to follow appropriate health measures at all times.