• Alicante Civil Guard are actively controlling illegal fishing by unregistered recreational boats throughout the year.

Alicante Civil Guard intervened four specimens of tuna in the ports of Altea and Villajoyosa recently.

The illegal fishing incident – which can lead up to €60,000 fines – has been known to end up in hotels and restaurants, without undergoing any sanitary control.

The Provincial Maritime Service (SMP) report red/blue fish tuna is prohibited at certain months of the year, regulations set by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Fishing is authorised for registered recreational fishing boats, which are allocated a quota for fishing.

The unregistered recreational boats generally use the cane or hand-line. Fishermen undertake gutting of the fish once caught to conceal inspection.

Tuna average 70kg, up to 700kg, 3 metres long. The average of €10 per kilo is paid on the black market, from that of €50 per kilo.

Illegal fishing can lead to serious violation of Law 3/2001 charges on State Maritime Fishing.

Fish confiscated is often donated to charities for its consumption, once the relevant quality controls are undertaken.