Not having fished it for a couple of months, Carp-R-Us returned to El Bosquet near Catral on 15th July for round 3 of its Summer ‘Mini Series’. Fortunately, the 40C+ temperature of a couple of days previously had dropped to a more accommodating low 20Cs.

However, a strong breeze from the East made pole presentation difficult at times. Pegs 1b to 6 and 18 to 23 were used; two separate channels which performed significantly different on the day. Fish were being caught from the off on 1b to 6 and continued to feed throughout the day, mainly in the top half metre of water though not actually on the top.

Mullet up to 2kg featured, often keeping the carp at bay. Ken Wilcock was overall winner on peg 5 with 18.27 kgs.

Carp R Us preparing for the new norm!
Carp-R-Us report

Terry Screen and Roy Dainty followed close behind with 17.44 kgs and 16.61 kgs respectively from pegs 6 and 1. Bread with maggots as feed was the predominant bait. The top 6 weights came from this section.

Pegs 18 to 23 performed poorly with the end pegs doing best but with only 7.42 kgs at best from Alfonso Yagues (Click and Catch tackle shop) on 23 and 5.88 kgs from Willy Moons on 18.

Whilst spectacular weights can be caught from this venue, it can be moody. Club Secretary Steve Fell fished peg 20 yesterday caught probably 40kgs, today, the fish had moved elsewhere.

The Club will be fishing the River Segura at Bigastro (Jacarilla) on 22nd July. This will be the fourth match of the Mini Series. No matches will take place during August because of safety concerns due to the usually high temperatures.

Finally, with the new Covid restrictions, the Club has had to cancel its monthly meeting at El Bosque Animado and postpone it’s so very much delayed, 2020 season presentation lunch of 23rd July.

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