By Andrew Atkinson

A graffiti artist or artists have left Elche Policia local bewildered by painting a plethora of ‘eye-art’ throughout the city – in the wake of graffiti artists being arrested in January.

Ongoing investigations are being carried out by the local Police after dozens of eyes have appeared in a number of locations.

The eye-art have symbols depicted on facades, lampposts and on city street furniture, including Sector V, in Glorieta, near to schools, palm orchards, buildings and business premises.

Elche Policia investigating ‘eye-art’ graffiti

The eye-art depict three stripes – symbolising upper eyelashes – which are being analysed by the graphical unit of the Local Police.

In a separate incident the arrest of four graffiti artists in Elche was made in January for painting in the train tunnel, who face fines of €2,500 and possibly prison sentences.

Caption: Elche Policia investigating ‘eye-art’ graffiti.