Every summer, the Ecologists in Action organisation publishes their “Black Flags” report, where it classifies the 48 worst beaches for pollution or poor environmental management after analysing almost 8,000 kilometres of Spanish coastline.

This year, Cala Mosca is again one of the names on that humiliating report, the only coastal area in Orihuela that is not urbanised, but on which there is an outstanding development project that will completely change its appearance, and see it covered with over 1500 new properties.

For this reason, the environmental organisation has made this degrading award to the Cala Mosca beach, justifying their decision by the environmental “mismanagement” of this unique area.

Another Black Flag for Cala Mosca

Cala Mosca was declared developable in the 1990 PGOU even though it was never submitted to an environmental evaluation.

However there is still some hope that the area will remain as primary land following the issuance of a report from the General Directorate of Roads in which the construction of this project is said to be unfavourable.

The environmental organization proposes to the Oriolano council, based on all the irregularities that have arisen in the administrative process, that it now rejects the approval of the urbanisation of the only virgin area of ​​the Orihuela coast, which already has a high saturation of residential housing.



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