Mojácar Council is continuing with the procedures for the construction of a new health centre and a bus station in the municipality, approving the action project for both services at a plenary meeting.

The new health centre answers the need to respond to what is lacking at the existing centre, as well as to the greater number of inhabitants and to quality in providing a basic service, such as health, in a locality of particular tourism importance.

The planned location is the Avenida de Andalucía-Rambla de Campos, on a 9,196m2 plot ceded by the Council. It will be located in the centre of the municipality in the best-connected area between the historic centre and the coastal development, next to the two most important roads for quick access for comings and goings.

The area on which construction would be able to be carried out would be of some 1,232m2, two floors high, not limiting the field of vision or spoiling the landscape in open locations or from the perspective of the population centres and the vicinity of the roads and lanes of scenic value.

This health infrastructure is of great importance as it will benefit the whole population of Mojácar, and is the fruit of a collaboration between the Junta de Andalucía, through the Andalucia Health Service, and the Council.

The financing of the health centre building construction will correspond to the Andalucía Health Service and the Council will carry out the urbanisation, infrastructure and provision of urban services works.

Mojácar Council is also planning the construction of a bus station in the Avenida de Andalucía-Rambla de Campos. Promoted by the Mojácar Council governing team, the aim is to resolve the lack of this facility. The proposed location corresponds to a 5,607m2 plot, also ceded by the Council, located close to the health centre, and therefore in the best place for the development and reinforcement of the passenger transport lines.

Both projects, and following the pertinent reports, have been approved by the Council, for the purposes of making the land suitable for the establishment of both services.

For the implementation of the use and activity, obtaining the legally applicable licences and administrative authorisations will be required.