Mojácar Council has joined the Almería Provincial Council’s proposal, collaborating and organising a first-aid workshop for families in the municipality.

This initiative will take place next Wednesday 7th July in the Multi-Purpose Centre at 6.30pm.

The main aim of First Aid in the Family is to provide all family members with the most essential first-aid knowledge in order to be able to offer effective assistance to people who are in an emergency situation.

The training content to be imparted to the participants is based on recommendations and actions to take into account in regard to initial actions, respiratory and trauma problems, the treatment of haemorrhages and injuries, intoxications, burns, warning signs and basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation in children and adults.

Registrations are free, at the Culture Department 677 95 90 93 or via the website

Places are limited, therefore anyone interested should register as soon as possible. In addition, all the participating families have to bring a doll for simulating Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), as well as a mat.

Mojácar Council government team councillor Raquel Belmonte has made a special appear to local residents: “I want to invite all families to take part in this workshop, where they want to offer as well as basic first-aid knowledge a space where all family members get together.

Belmonte particularly highlighted the need to provide skills and resources for preventing situations which pose a risk in the family environment: “The main aim is to provide all members with the most essential knowledge in first-aid so they can offer effective help to people who are in emergency situations.”

Summer is the time of year when there are most accidents, and quick and safe action at the scene, while waiting for the professional services, can save lives.