CD Murada and Ramon Carrasco, together with their coaching staff, have reached an agreement to continue at the helm of the first team during the 2021-2022 season.

“Both the work and the dedication shown by Carrasco during this season have been positively valued from the Muradeño team, having achieved the best classification in our short history.

“The understanding between both parties has been complete, so now is the time to work and lay the foundations for the club to achieve its objectives for the season ahead,” said a club spokesperson.

CD Murada Benjamin players selected for Vega Baja training

CD Murada were represented in a training session in Jacarilla with the Vega Baja Selection squad.

Benjamin players, Rubén Ruiz and Kira Tiscar, and youngsters Cristian Vicente, Ivan Cabello and Álvaro Rocamora were invited to the training camp.

“There is nothing that makes us more proud than to see how our young players progress and advance as footballers.

“For our part, we will continue working by and for them,” said a spokesperson from the club.

CD Murada Benjamin players selected for Vega Baja training