On the 9th of July in the Year of our Lord 1705 an official document was signed that established La Nucia as an independent settlement.  In 2005 the town decided to celebrate the event with a Medieval Market, and since then has done so every year. . . up till last year, when the market was cancelled. This year there will be a market again, but the Town Hall has decided to spend the money on lots of craft demonstrations, rather than on big shows and performances.

Once more Amata has been asked to organise the event. This regional association interested in maintaining and improving craft standards, only admits products of good quality and made by the craftsmen and women themselves. Nothing from big or little factories, nothing imported – it’s all original, which is why Amata uses the slogan “Artesanía de Autor®”.

Craft Market in La Nucia – 8, 9 and 10 July

To guarantee a safe environment, the market will be a bit smaller than in previous years, but will still count with about 40 stalls. And there is lots to see: you can watch many craftsmen and women at work: a blacksmith, a potter and a wood sculptor. You can see all the different processes through which wool passes, from the sheep untill it is turned into a beautiful shawl: cleaning, carding, dyeing, spinning and weaving. Other artisans will be making shoes, painting ceramic tiles and plates, silversmithing and working with macramé. In fact, many of the people in this market can add an extra touch on the spot, or take orders for some special design. After all, these are craftsmen and women – and you can help them keep their craft alive.

After wandering around the market, visitors can restore their tissues with a beer or roast meat at the tavern, a glass of tea in the Arab tea tent or try out traditional boiled “pulpo” (octopus) served with potatoes on wooden platters. Other stalls sell sausages, freshly ground coffee, pressed fig bread and there is even a baker selling bread straight from his wood-fired oven. And the whole is enlivened by three or four musicians walking around the fair.

Children can make their own piece of art in one of the workshops, have a ride on an old fashioned merry-go-round, or play table games.  You will find the market in La Nucia in the old centre, around the Town Hall (Plaza Mayor) and it opens on Thursday 8, Friday 9 and Saturday 10 July from 6 pm till midnight (or perhaps a little later).

And if you cannot come to this fair, at http://www.amata.es/Next_Events.html you can see where Amata organises other fairs or you can visit their virtual craft village at www.puebloartesano.es.  For more information you can ring 639 979 678 (in English).