A life career is what a person has decided to live with. This, in a certain way, defines the personality of a person and portrays him in society.

When choosing a career in life, orientation does not dictate the type of career but your passion for that particular field or discipline.

Orientation and career are two parallel lines that must not intersect. It should be related to a career that any person of different orientations has chosen, without any discrimination or hatred. Also, an important role in the life of any person is played by a partner who can be chosen on dating sites.

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Does LGBT discrimination impact sports?

Sports has been a great tool or profession that has been helping in the advancement of unity and communalism. In a way, it embodies values, morals, and cooperation. In sports, people are rated and rewarded based on their talents, skills, and the immeasurable contribution which they have made in the field. Orientation or identity doesn’t come to play.

Talking about LGBT and the discrimination that faces this community in sports has negatively impacted it. Making people who belong to the community shrink in displaying their talent as they ought to. According to statistics on homophobia and transphobia in sport, it has it that 80% of both LGB and straight witnessed or experienced homophobic behavior in sport.

The discrimination that is based on LGBT identity has affected the fundamental fairness and the unity of sport. It has caused violence, bullying, harassment, or abuse on an individual who belongs to the community. This has created a low performance on the field because synergy, integrity, and bond have been broken and negatively impacting sports in various aspects.

How sportsmen can deal with loneliness

Loneliness is a dangerous experience that can terminate an individual’s life untimely if aid is not given on time. As sportsmen, being faced with loneliness resulting from your orientation, how can you deal with it?

Acknowledge the feeling: one of the best ways an individual, especially a sports person, can stay out of being lonely is to know and acknowledge that he or she is lonely. This will help you in analyzing what brought about the loneliness. If it is what the media has said about your personality, career, or the bully or harassment which you have been faced with.

Fight it: after you might have acknowledged the feeling, the next thing to do is combat loneliness. One of how you can fight this feeling is to be courageous and stand against the factors of loneliness. Turn a deaf ear to what media, fellow sportsmen, and people are saying about you. Don’t allow the opinion or judgment of others to dictate who you are or how to live your life. Be true to yourself, don’t feel timid, stay away from negative people, and isolate yourself from people who embrace you. This way, you will overcome loneliness as a sportsman.

Famous gay athletes 

In sports, several athletes are bold and strong to make known their orientation. They know and prove that their sexuality has nothing to do with their athletic talents. As a result of the brave athletes that have come out to declare their orientation, there has been an increasing acceptance of gay in most sports. With this, young gay talents are being encouraged to be open about who they are and record tremendous success for themselves in sports. Many gay athletes have made a difference in sports. A few of them will be mentioned here.

Jason Collins: is an NBA player who cleared himself as being gay after he has played 12 seasons. Having played with the Brooklyn Nets, he become the first publicly gay athletes who have played in the four major North American pro-team sports leagues.

Tom Daley: he is a British diver. At the 2009 FINA World Championship, he won the 10-meter platform events. He was the winner in the 2017 events as well. In Olympics, commonwealth games, and other diving championships, he has won lots of medals. In 2017, he got married to a man, and he publicly announced the relationship.

Michael Sam was the first publicly gay NFL player to be drafted by the St. Louis Rams in 2014. His success attracts a congratulatory message from the incumbent president.


Who you are doesn’t matter in your career, what matters is what you do, how you are doing it, and the success you are recording in your field. As a person of a different orientation, you might be faced with many challenges, but be determined that it is part of the making and story of success. Don’t allow what people say or do to bring you down and hamper your talents.