One small grain of sand as the UK government, under pressure from its own tourism industry, is considering the future lifting of restrictions on its tourists when they return to the UK from a country such as Spain, that currently sits in the “amber” channel of the ´traffic light system´.

Specifically, the option being considered by the health authorities would be that those who are vaccinated with both doses of the vaccine would be exempt from the ten days quarantine, confined in their homes.

For the moment, however, certainly until 19 July and easing of restrictions in the United Kingdom been put on hold, which has greatly reduced the possibility of any high season on the Costa Blanca which is now focused on Spanish tourists.

If in the end the quarantine restriction was removed, the province could still benefit from at least 800,000 British tourists and finally get some sort of recovery under way.

Should the British Government allow such a move in August, as reported by the UK media, it would pave the way for tourists to come to Spain between July and December, in the region of about 4.4 million, of which 20% will travel to the Costa Blanca.

The figure is far from the 9.75 million that came during 2019, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) but it will still provide a boost to the sector in Spain.