The up until now Mojácar Council Councillor for Municipal Public Works, Services, Gardens and the Cemetery, Agustín Montoya Pérez, has stepped down from his post due to retirement.

The retirement was officially announced at the extraordinary plenary meeting held at the village council and attended by the Popular Party councillors and the Socialist councillor and spokesman for his party, Manuel Zamora Fernández.

The Mojácar Mayor, on behalf of her colleagues, dedicated some words of affection to his dedication “24-hours a day, seven days a week, for 10 years”, as well to “his camaraderie, which leaves its mark on us all.”

Manuel Zamora also wanted to thank him for his work over the years, as well as for the assistance, which “has always been received whenever it has been required.”

Agustín Montoya Pérez, builder by profession, has been a Mojácar council councillor since 2011 and member of the Popular Party since 1978, a good number of those in the Local Association leadership.

A decade as head of Public Works and Services in times of many advances in infrastructure. Almost three legislatures in which he has been in charge of overseeing the works to complete the municipal lighting, the sewage system, checking over and creating new pavements and gardens, without  forgetting the school or the cemetery. In short, looking after everything that needed doing or repairing for the property functioning and safety of the municipality and its residents.

He says he takes with him good memories and the satisfaction of having done things for his village, as well as his gratitude to the Mayor, who has always supported him on all his proposals, and to his colleagues, who “have been the best.”

Now, in his retirement, he wants to dedicate the time to his family and friends which he has been able to offer them due to his political activities.

Taking over from him will be Pedro Molina, the next person on the list presented by the Popular Party in the 2019 municipal elections, and who will shortly be officially named as the Mojácar Council Municipal Public Works Councillor.